Committee Assist charity supporting Sub-Saharan African children orphaned by AIDS.

The AIDS epidemic has had a devastating effect on families globally. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are in excess of 13 million children orphaned by AIDS.

Committee Assist aims to teach and facilitate the development of sustainable methods, knowledge and skills in local communities to better address this epidemic.  

Our focus is working with local communities so they are better able to care for all their children - orphans and abandoned children too.  

This means implementing systems through cooperation that suit their social, environmental and economic conditions. Systems that they can afford to introduce and maintain long term. Systems that will improve their productivity, economies and welfare so they can care and provide better futures for their children. 

Rainbow Ridge which is the home to Kili Kids is located in the small village community of Maili Sita, Tanzania (near Moshi). It is a demonstration site and teaching hub from which we assist Kilimanjaro Permaculture Community (KPC) to share and network sustainable practices locally.

Please, join us and assist us with our work. Your time, money, skills or connections are invaluable to us.
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